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"Steve has made a genuine difference. His energy and enthusiasm has infected our management and sales teams." Steve Hodgson, Managing Director, Hodgson Toyota

"A fantastic keynote speech. Steve really captured the message of change and improvement we were looking for and received great feedback from all levels of staff. He's a special speaker." Sally Cowdry, Marketing Director, O2


Bespoke Training & Development Courses

You’re the managing director at a medium sized business. As a company you are reasonably well placed in your current market and have a fairly consistent order book. On the face of it, you have what looks like a successful business. But scratch beneath the surface and the cracks begin to appear. The order book may be steady but turnover levels have not increased for three years. Staff morale is low and arguments are becoming increasingly common among the management team. In short, the company is stuck in a rut.

Each year, thousands of organisations grapple with this scenario. While they may have achieved some level of success, they are struggling to find that 'wow' factor. If your business falls into this category, maybe it's time to talk to the team at Steve Black Enterprises. Steve Black Enterprises is a North East based business development company spearheaded by the highly respected and world-renowned motivator Steve Black. Steve uses his motivational skills - developed during his time training famous sports stars and teams - to translate the principles of success that work in the sporting arena into the business environment.

Drawing on the skills and knowledge built up over this formidable career, Steve Black Enterprises now stages conferences and seminars for the business community, looking at areas such as leadership, teamwork, top level performance, effectiveness and motivation. Not surprisingly, major clients such as the Inland Revenue, Northern Rock and Siemens have all utilised Steve's powerful motivational and presentation skills.

"Everything we do is tailored to the individual needs of the client," says Mark Black, director with Steve Black Enterprises. "Before introducing Steve to a company, we sit down with its senior managers in a series of one to one meetings during which we look to gain an understanding of their culture, the business issues they face and what it is they are trying to achieve. We then work with Steve to develop an event or seminar that is right for that particular organisation."

Other Aspects of Steve


Television Appearances

Steve regularly appears on TV and Radio in both sport and the mainstream media. From a central role in 'Living with The Lions' to documentaries Steve is an engaging presence on screen. He even did a cameo role in Spender! We are always on the look out for the next TV project to sink our teeth into.



Blackie - Steve's Biography

Steve co-wrote his biography with Arthur MacKenzie and tells an enthralling tale of his life and times. In a career that has spanned the globe and encompassed several professions from door bouncing to football, rugby and international honours. Enjoy his humour, sincerity and his fund of rich stories drawn from his remarkable journey



Charity Auctions

One of Steve's great abilities is to get willing benefactors to part with their cash for a good cause! Steve is a highly experienced charity auctioneer and both entertains whilst generating high bids. He once sold Micky Ward's sock for £1,400 and arranged an impromtu charity wrestle between John Beresford and Gary Bennett!


Clients Saying

"Working with Steve Black has been a privilege. He has the unique capacity to engage with people at any level in any organisation. I have worked alongside Steve with sports teams, senior executives from a variety of business sectors, including blue chip law firms and pharmaceutical companies. His coaching style is nothing short of inspirational. He only ever leaves performance improvement in his wake."

Dave Routledge, Eaga Partnership

"The best one-to-one coach in the world."

Kevin Keegan, Former England Manager

"What really makes the man is the magnitude of his enthusiasm and character which rubs off on all around him."

The Independent

"Blackie is the best motivator I’ve ever known. He radiates energy and excitement."

Colin Charvis, Wales & British Lions